Yoga for Meditation

Ashtanga Yogkul offers an excellent opportunity for yoga teacher training course, a yoga training course, and yoga study in Rishikesh, India. Rishikesh is the ‘Land of Meditation’. This beautiful place is filled with many temple and natural scenery. Rishikesh is surrounded by the Himalayan mountain range, the river Ganges is flowing in this city so the ambiance is full of spiritually. All of this things create a learning and practice environment of meditation. Ashtanga Yogkul also provides meditation treatment. Meditation in India or Meditation retreats in Rishikesh, India also an important part of the yoga courses. This process is very fruitful for yoga training.

Benefit of Meditation

Meditation is a relaxation process. Yoga is one aspect of meditation. It is very important to maintain a struggle-free life. Due to our stressful lifestyle, most of the people suffering from some mental and psychological or emotional problem. If we can control our stress and tension then we able to overcome our mental and physical problem. Meditation is the best option to reduce the stress.

Meditation in Rishikesh can completely divert your mind from daily hectic schedule to a peaceful and delightful life. Ashtanga Yogkul offers some unique and essential meditation method as the parts of yoga meditation retreat in India. The meditation in our course has been carefully handpicked from traditional ancient yoga gurus.


7-day meditation in Rishikesh

We provide 7-day meditation retreat in Rishikesh. This course gives you the great opportunity to get relief and feel stress-free mind from your stressful civic life. This course provides some simple meditation technique that will give you peace in your mind, improve the memory and concentration. The meditation practices play a roll of antitoxin for stress and its negative effect on our body and mind. Regular meditation practice will reduce the chance of any psychological disease. This retreat course will regenerate your inner spirit and inner energy.

This meditation programme presented by experienced and professional yoga teacher with the excellent fundamental facility of the peaceful place that is required for the practice of meditation.

This meditation program will be held in Rishikesh for its peaceful environment and natural beauty. Some classes are taken place some other place near the Himalaya where you can find your yoga classes and some hiking also. These places are best for doing meditation because disturbance is negligible in those place. But temperature and weather is the main factor as this places are situated in high altitude. Sometimes the road is closed by the heavy snowfall so you sported 2 to 3 places for our program. Depending on the weather we take you to one of those places.

Meditation curriculum in Rishikesh

  • Chanting of Mantra
  • Meditation technique
  • Relaxation technique
  • Meditation and relaxation asana

Theory syllabus includes:

  • Importance of Meditation practice in daily life
  • Stress management concept by the meditation and yoga nidra.
  • The principle of diet in Meditation according to food, nutrition, and yoga.
  • Mental health and yogic concept for getting relief from disease and improvement health.
  • For more information about the starting date and plan of course contract with Ashtanga Yogkul.