Yoga for Increase flexibility

Gymming and diet trends come and go and the form of exercise that has a strong appeal on people today would fade into oblivion after few months. Yoga on the other hand has been present from centuries and has only evolved with time. You would get all the benefits of exercise in Yoga and beyond that. Yoga teacher training course Rishikesh helps in toning the muscles and burn calories consistently. The effect of Yoga is not just limited to the body but also on our minds and spiritual being. There are more than 100 forms of Yoga from power Yoga to meditation. Every form has its own benefits and depend on your preferences as to which one do you choose to stay fit and active.
Some of the most common forms of Yoga taught during the yoga certification and course in Rishikesh.

  • Hatha
  • Vinyasa
  • Power
  • Bikram
  • Ashtanga
  • Iyengar

While Hatha is the most common form of yoga and combines series of basic asanas and breathing, Iyengar is more advanced form of the Yoga wherein the asanas are performed using the props like straps, blocks, chairs in order to shape your body into proper alignment. Intensity level of Yoga depends on the form of Yoga that you have opted for. If you want to indulge in slow yoga then Hatha and Iyengar would be suitable. Other forms such as Bikram and power yoga are faster and more challenging.

The training provided by yoga school in Rishikesh are designed in such a way that every part of your body gets its own workout. There are several areas in your body targeted by the Yoga practice.

Core – Against the common misconception that only workout in gym can help in building core has been questioned by the yoga practitioners and learners. You might want to indulge in side plans or boat pose to trim the side and belly fat.

Arms – Yoga needs you to give up on the machines and pull the weight of your body to strengthen your arm. Yoga for beginners include various poses such as crow and crane poses in which arms are used to support the whole body weight.Strength – There are several asanas in yoga that help in building the strength and align the body as well.

Less Impact on Joints – The good thing about yoga is that it relaxes the muscles, burns fat, increase the flexibility and agility but does not put extra pressure on the joints.

Flexibility and Yoga

Sitting for long hours have become the new cancer in today’s world. After long hours of office, we hardly have the energy left to hit the gym resulting in extra kilos in body weight. Eventually, muscles start losing their flexibility and become rigid. Contrary to gymming, Yoga relaxes the body and rejuvenates it rather than putting extra pressure on the joints.

At Ashtanga yoga teacher training, we believe in offering solution to the real problems such as backache, sore muscles, neck pain and so on. All these issues are caused due to the stiffness in muscles and asanas can help a great deal to release the pressure and make muscles flexible again.